Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Fresh

Fresh, Certified and all Australian!

Do you know your extra virgins from your olive oils? Your lampantes from your refineds? Your Australians from your Mediterraneans?

If the answer is no, you’re not alone.

Our supermarkets are filled with all kinds of “olive oil” pretenders who claim to have super powers with very little substance to back it up.

So how do you know you’re buying the best olive oil for you and your family?

Here is a quick summary of olive oil grades and why Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best of the best…

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is the natural juice, cold pressed (or squeezed) from fresh olives. It is 100% natural and the highest grade of olive oil you can buy. EVOO has the highest range of therapeutic properties which are beneficial for weight control, anti-aging, inflammation and cardiovascular health.

Refined Olive Oils are oils of inferior quality due to the chemical processes they are subjected to, including gum extraction, neutralization, decolourisation, and heat treatments.

Olive Oils alone, are blends of mostly refined oil with a splash extra virgin olive oil. Refined oils are those that have been subject to chemical processing (see above). Refined olive oils are often labeled “Pure”, “Extra Light” or “Light” which are simply marketing terms and not related to the quality or content of the oil.

Lampante Oil is quite simply lamp oil, and not fit for human consumption. Don’t touch this stuff unless you want to light it up!

Which brings us to the BEST OF THE BEST…

Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AEVOO) is Extra Virgin Olive Oil made in Australia. Up to 90% of olive oil produced in Australia is certified “Extra Virgin”, which means it’s simply the best olive oil Aussies can buy.

Australian producers typically process their olives within 24 hours of harvesting, which means AEVOO is not only the best, it’s also the freshest, because the quicker oil is squeezed from olives after being removed from the tree, the fresher it is!

Due to Australia’s ideal growing conditions, leading farming and harvesting practices, and state of the art processing techniques, Australia is also one of the world’s most awarded producers of EVOO – so Australian consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to getting their hands on the good stuff.

So what are the top four things you should look for next time you’re buying a bottle of olive oil…? EXTRA, FRESH, CERTIFIED and AUSTRALIAN!


Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the natural juice extracted from fresh, high quality olives. It is the tastiest and healthiest grade of olive oil.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best consumed within 24 months of harvest. Fresher Extra Virgin Olive Oil tastes better and is healthier for you. In Australia harvest takes place between April and June each year, so look for harvest date printed on the label.


Australian growers go above and beyond to ensure that they abide by industry standards food laws and labelling laws. A certified AEVOO is a promise to you that you are getting fresh, authentic, healthy EVOO.


Australia’s world-class, locally grown Extra Virgin Olive Oils are fresher because they reach our shelves quicker. Look out for show medals and third party certification seals of approval to indicate superior quality.