Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Healthy

Fair Dinkum or Bunkum? Busting the biggest Olive Oil Myths

To find out what’s cooking when it comes to using Extra Virgin Olive Oil we thought we’d get into the pots, pans and heads of some of our Aussie master chefs, dietitians and nutritionists.

There are a lot of myths out there created by TV ‘foodies’ and on-line ‘experts’ that are just plain ‘bunkum’.

We are what we eat, so good thing we have the healthiest edible oil in the world, our own certified Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). And that’s fair dinkum.

Cooking with EVOO requires more oil

Bunkum: You actually use less oil, because when you heat certified Australian EVOO it increases in volume, so you can cook or fry to your heart’s content!

Aussie olive farmers don’t use chemical solvents when processing

Fair Dinkum: It’s what makes our highly awarded Australian Olive Oil fresher and tastier. It’s naturally rich in goodness and better for you, just ask Dr. Joanna.

Cooking with EVOO can be harmful

Bunkum: Certified Australian EVOO has naturally in-built protective compounds that help protect your oil and food during heating. Although some antioxidants are naturally lost during the heating process, a significant amount of Australian EVOO’s antioxidants and powerful health properties remain when heated, even at high temperatures and over longer cooking times.

The only real unprocessed oil is certified Australian Extra Virgin

Fair Dinkum: Unlike other edible oils such as Vegetable, Sunflower, Canola, Flaxseed, Peanut, and Rice Bran, certified Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil isn’t processed and doesn’t include artificial preservatives. It’s quite simply just the juice from the olive.

You can’t use AEVOO in some pots and pans

Bunkum: What a lot of bull. Whether you’re searing a nice big fat steak or cooking a big serve of pasta, you can use Australian EVOO in any type of pot or pan and even on the hotplate.

Australian EVOO’s smoke point makes it an excellent choice

Fair Dinkum: The cooking “smoke point” refers to the temperature at which fat or oil begins to break down, causing a bluish smoke to become clearly visible. High quality, certified Australian EVOO has low free fatty acid content and a high smoke point, which makes it a great choice for most cooking methods, including frying, baking and roasting!

You can’t use EVOO when you bake

Bunkum: Who came up with that? You can whip up everything from a great sponge to a tray of cookies using EVOO instead of butter or margarine. Put it to the test with this helpful butter conversion chart.

There you have it. EVERYTHING, EVERY AUSSIE needs to know EVERYDAY about healthy cooking with the best Olive Oil on the market – certified Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

To make sure your Australian EVOO is certified, check the bottle for the triangle certification symbol.