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Top 5 health gurus you need to start following today

It’s that time of year, when the stocking treats, celebratory drinks and endless post-Christmas ham sandwiches catch up with you – which means it’s time to get healthy.

But healthy living doesn’t have to be restrictive or dull, in fact, there are a number of health gurus out there who not only make a healthy lifestyle look easy, they also make it look delicious!

Looking for some new year inspiration for a healthier you? Here are some of the top health gurus making waves in Australia right now…

1. Mindbodygreen

With a holistic approach to wellness mindbodygreen is all about looking after the emotional, physical and environmental factors that contribute to your health.

With recipes, exercise inspiration, and plenty of inspiring information about how to live a mindful life, this is one blog worth checking out to get your mind, body and your life back in balance.

2. Eat Move Chill

This is great resource from Dr Kevin Yong makes eating well, moving more and chilling out simple.

With advice about healthy living provided through informative blog posts, and easy to follow email courses for jumpstarting your exercise regime, and upgrading your eating, this is a great resource for anyone looking to get healthy in 2018.

3. The Healthy Chef

A classically trained chef, nutritionist and accredited fitness trainer Teresa at The Healthy Chef makes you glow just looking at her!

Full of delicious healthy recipes and fitness facts and inspiration, you’ll love Teresa’s simple to follow recipes and tips for living a healthier life, from the kitchen out.

4. KIC Girls

If you’d prefer to get healthy in the gym, the KIC girls, Steph Smith and Laura Henshaw, are on hand to provide the ultimate fitness inspiration for your “new year, new you” resolutions!

With lots of information about how you can get fit at home, meal plans and a program to follow to stay fit throughout summer, and all year round, these girls make getting fit fun.

5. The Fit Foodie

UK born, Sydney based fitness and health food lover, Sally from The Fit Foodie provides health recipes inspiration and fitness tips for anyone looking to stay healthy and have their chocolate too.

She also sells her own protein ball mixes for you to make at home, called Fit Mixes, so you can made your own healthy, protein-packed snacks, perfect for those 3pm cravings when you’re back at work.